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Immanuel Hall, 120 Southbourne Road, Bournemouth, BH6 3QJ



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When can we start?

As long as we know you're coming, you can turn up on the same day to have a go for free! Please make sure we acknowledge your request first before turning up - for safety and security reasons, we have to ensure our teachers are fully aware of who is attending each class in addition to our usual class members.

Do you offer exams?

We do offer exams but these are not compulsory. If you are interested in exams, please ask us to find out when we think you or your child will be ready for this. We place a strong emphasis on quality, so if you or your child are not ready to achieve a strong result then we will work with you to formulate a plan with the best chance of success.

How much do lessons cost?

Please see our timetable for individual class costs. We charge monthly payments for all of our classes except exam-related schedules. Exam costs and preparations vary between levels, so fixed-price packages are quoted and charged individually.

What class is right for us?

This does depend a little on your experience, so if you want some expert advice with this, please contact us. If you want to try and work this out yourself then have a look at the classes we offer for your age range, or maybe look at the dance styles we offer to see what takes your fancy.

How do I pay for lessons?

All lessons are charged monthly on the first day of each month for the coming month. These payments are taken from the debit/credit card provided when you sign up with us. We work out the cost of classes over the year, taking any school holidays into consideration, and break this up neatly into 11 monthly payments charged between September and July (the months we teach).

What uniform do we need?

This depends on the class that you're attending, but we sell everything you'll require. You can browse our shop here to find what's required for your class. Ballet shoes require custom fitting so we don't sell these directly, but we can suggest how you can buy these properly. We have a firm uniform policy from clothing to hair styles to ensure standards required from our exam boards are upheld.