Top 3 tips for getting your child into dance

A girl in a dance class at the ballet barre being shown by her instructor how to position her arms

We live in a world where children are bombarded with screens and games. Dance is an opportunity for your child to learn about their body, improve fitness levels and gain mental health benefits. Dance can help develop the mind in ways that other activities cannot.

Dance offers many physical benefits such as improved balance, strength and coordination which can help with sports or everyday tasks like playing outside! Dance also provides mental health benefits such as self-esteem boosts through performance on stage or passing exams.

Dance schools offer a range of classes from ballet to tap dance so you'll be able to find one that suits your child's needs best! In this article we've compiled a few great tips on how you can get your child into dance classes - read on below for more information!

1. Find the right dance school for your child

Make sure that the school you choose offers a dance style that your child will be interested in. Dance schools offer a range of different dance styles like ballet, tap and contemporary so you can find one that suits your child's needs best. At Wessex School of Dancing, we offer a variety of dance styles for children.

Talk to the teacher. Dance teachers are an expert on their subject - they'll be able to tell you what classes will suit your child before sign-up starts!

2. Talk to them about it

Talk to your child and find out if there's a particular type of dance style they'd like to do. It's important that they enjoy the style; dance can be a really positive experience for your child so make sure that they feel comfortable about going! It may help to show them some videos on YouTube of some classes in different styles to help them choose.

3. Keep them energised!

If may sound silly, but when your child goes in for their first class, make sure that they enjoy it by giving them whatever snacks or drinks that they want beforehand. Dance studios can be high energy environments so it's important that your child is hyped and ready to go!

It's important to go early so you can both relax and get comfortable with surroundings before going into the class. Our expert dance teachers will welcome your children and make sure they know what to do in the class.

Make sure to give plenty of praise too after each lesson has finished because building self-esteem is one of the many benefits of doing these kinds of activities.

It's important to know that if your child doesn't seem to be having fun in class, don't force it. It can be a lot of pressure for children when they think about how the other kids will react, or if they'll do well in the class. Dance should be a fun activity, so if they don't seem keen or they didn't enjoy their trial lesson then try and work out why this may have been. Maybe they'd suit a different dance style?

Dance can be a really positive experience for your child so if you want more advice about classes for your child, look at our timetable today to see what classes we offer, or get in touch with us for some advice.