Benefits of dancing as exercise

Girl demonstrating Modern class dancing, arched with her back to the floor with all feet and hands on the floor

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise. In fact, it has been shown to be one of the best forms of aerobic exercises out there. It can also contribute to mental health in a number of ways, such as reducing stress and anxiety levels! The following blog post will explore some of the benefits that come from dancing for exercise. We’ll consider the three main dance styles we teach at Wessex School of Dancing; ballet, tap, and modern.

Dancing generally is great for strengthening muscles in lower legs that are important to prevent injuries as well as improving agility by developing fast reflexes. It helps to improve cardiovascular health while offering mental benefits such as reducing stress levels and boosting moods thanks to endorphins being produced from body movement.


Ballet may offer mental benefits such as reducing stress levels while also improving moods as mentioned above, while also helping to achieving a sense of inner peace and harmony through the disciplined, repetitive movements.


Tap is an excellent form of cardio due to it's high intensity level so it can help burn more calories than other types of dances.


Modern dance has been shown to release tension in the muscles which leads not only increased flexibility but reduced pain sensitivity too. Modern dancers have also seen improvements in their posture!

Dancing is a full body workout that will increase endurance, improve flexibility and balance. It also improves coordination and can help you lose weight! If you're feeling under stress then dancing may be a great solution to get out of your funk. Even if just for half an hour, there's something about getting in the class that makes people feel better mentally.

All these benefits make dancing a fantastic form of exercise that everyone should try! It offers physical and mental benefits such as strength, agility, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and reducing stress and anxiety. Different dance styles offer different benefits but all in general are excellent forms of aerobic exercise.

If you want to get fitter and are interested in our dance classes, look at our timetable today to find a class to trial for free, or get in touch with us for some advice.