Level 3 & Bronze Adult Tap

7:45 pm
A group of tap dancer's feet with their tap shoes on

Class Information

Tap dancing is a fun type of dance that uses the feet. Tap dancers use shoes with metal on them to tap against the floor and make a sound.

Our Level 3 & Bronze Adult Tap dance class is for students who wish to develop their existing tap skills further, and we will learn moves like cramp roll, shuffle ball change and pickup change.

The benefits of taking this class is that it not only teaches you how to effectively use your feet for a unique sound with some great routines but also helps improve overall coordination, spatial awareness, memory skills and problem solving techniques.

If you're looking to get in shape, tap dancing is a great way of doing it. Tap dancing requires a lot of energy and works out your arms, legs, and core muscles. Best of all, you'll have great fun!

Dance Style


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Class Duration

45 minutes




7:45 pm


£24 per month

Uniform for

Level 3 & Bronze Adult Tap

A pair of senior and advanced black tap shoes
Senior / Advanced Tap Shoes

Requires expert fitting in store